The Vegan Grill 

Not content with limited vegan options available in the Borough of Croydon, two determined vegan Dads set out to provide affordable vegan grub in the local area. Operating out of a gazebo as traders on Croydon’s Surrey Street Market, serving cruelty free comfort food to the public, showing how easy and satisfying it is to live a cruelty free lifestyle….

Now home to 1 Matthews Yard, Croydon (just off Surrey Street)

If I could grab a fillet no fish burger everyday from The vegan grill (without worrying about my waistline) I would! 🙂 

Lovely people, great customer service and decently priced vegan grub! 🙂


Great food, great guys, amazing hot dogs 😍


Best customer service ever! Food is awesome as well, definitely recommend!